Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hello people. Good morning. This dawn I woke up and I logged on my Facebook account. Apparently, there's this new function in Facebook where you can actually download your own data from the beginning of the time you registered as a member. So, I've checked, you can retrieve your old data like photos, messages, current friends and also your deleted friends, what's written on your wall for the past years you've been a member, and of course any other things you can check out.

I have downloaded my own copy. I thought this new thing is kinda useful, though. It's kinda cool, even. The main reason why I downloaded this in the first place is 'cause I wanted to check back my deleted friends, which I found and especially that one friend that I want to check out this present day. 

So, here is what it looks like if you first want to download it;

It does not take much time to download your data. If you're using Streamyx, I'd say about 10 minutes. But of course, it'll be much more faster with Unifi. 5 minutes tops, I guess. Or even faster.

Oh, I forgot! I guess the most coolest part of this new feature is that you can actually retrieved back your own friends' contact number, if you're logging in thru your smartphone. I've been lost few contacts since I've changed my phone, so I thought this is pretty useful to download. Most of the lost contacts I can get it back thru the downloaded data.

If any of you guys who still don't get about this new feature, no sweat! You can click here ➨ (Facebook Download Information Feature) 

I hope this post will help you somehow in any way. Good luck in trying this new feature! :)