Monday, April 13, 2015


So, this is my post in 2015. My last post was on October 2014. Haha, how time flies fast. It's been so long, I nearly felt awkward to write something on my own blog. 

Well, I have decided to actively write something frequently on this blog. There are stories I want to share. Experiences and people that I would like to share my thoughts on. My life mainly, my family, friends, and of course my cats. Eventually and unfortunately, one of my cats is being hit by a car, right in front of my house. Thank God, she is okay and continue to improve to be better. For once, I felt like there is a hole in my heart. Constantly shed tears each time I treat her wounds for that one whole week, thinking will she get better, or will she survives for the next few days. Well, I guess I can tell you on that later on.

Good news, I managed to constantly do my hobby; reading. I pretty much read every night, most of the nights. It's a good thing to do. I felt like I've spent my day doing the right thing and it is a productive way to live my life.

Okay I guess that's a start for 2015. Will update and post something else later on. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year (although it's already April now but it doesn't really matter. Hehe). 

Have a happy life and be healthy always. Take care.