Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So yesterday was my birthday. 23rd April to be exact. I fall asleep happy after reading those wishes from my friends. Thank you friends for remember the day that I was born. Too many unexpected wishes I get. And thank you Mother and Kakak for this lovely cake. I thought that you guys will seriously forgotten about this but the fact that you still remember, well it made my day. That memory is the sweetest and thank you all for that.

However, I didn't quite enjoy this year's celebration like the previous years. Actually I don't really celebrate these kinds of events but still. As far of you guys noticed, this week, there will be our result announcement. So I'm kinda nervous about this week. Happy but at the same time, still nervous.

So out of this, the first person who wish my birthday this year was Sheda. Haha thank you kawan! :) Dia orang pertama wish birthday aku, tapi aku orang terakhir wish birthday dia. Macam jahat je bunyi tu kan. Hmmm. I should have treat her better though. All these years I've been bullying her. Tapi saya suka! HEHEHE! Jangan lupa janji kau nak skype dengan aku okay! :)

P/S : Dah baca belum post aku pasal kau? Berkurun berhabuk bersarang dah benda tu. KEKEKE.