Sunday, February 19, 2012

This particular one feeling, it seriously is killing me somehow. I try to pretend I don't care and everything, but deep down I do care, frankly though. Yes, I'm a normal human being. But no, I don't express what I feel. Not as much as I remembered.

Seeing you with you, it seriously kills my heart. Somehow, sometimes I felt that my heart stopped skipping a beat. Like my heart is gone, replaced by a black-cold-heart that not a person would ever wanted it.

But seeing your smiles, it gave me strength to keep on living eventhough I'm not the one that make for you to smile. In some matter, I wish I can be the only person to make you happy, to make you feel unable to move on when I'm not around, a person who could protect you even when I'm so far away.

You know, how I wish these dreams of mine came true. But, a wish is just a wish. No one will ever imagine that it'll be true. But somehow, I wish I could spend my last breath with you. Cause it's you that I need.

Frankly, yes.

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