Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lame,back to the old school!

I know this may sound lame. But,guess what. I'm back in college. The old-scenes environments in a new year. Yeah,i know i sound pessimist but this is the true fact when im back in my college. I mean,same schedule,same food,same people,same attitudes,same activities,. What could be more boring than that?
Well,move on peeps! Last Monday,i've started my class. A brand new class with brand new classmates. My English lecturer seems to be a nice person. And i've been selected to be the treasurer of the class. I dont really care about the position but i'm scared that i'll lost the money. Thank god,i've changed my class. Good bye Pn.Ananda. It's been a pleasure to be your former student.
When talks about food. Well,i'll eat same food every single night. This place is lack of variety of food. It is always Jabir all the time. And when i feel goddamn bored with the goddamn food,i'll have to walk for 5-7 kilometres just to pleased my appetite. How shit is that? See,that's why i hate with this place.
Nevertheless,next semester we will be transfered to a different campus. I wish that they will placed me in Melaka or in Puncak Alam. Really hope so. At least,i can explore more thing in a new place.
Well guys,i will rarely updating my blog since i have to focus on my studies. I have to score this time to make my parents proud of me. Pray for my success peeps. Till i wrote again,bye.

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