Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hey there, folks. So, it's almost 3 weeks I've worked at my current workplace. The working environment for now is good. Everyone is approachable, friendly and the teach you what you don't know, which I guess about the same for most of the other workplaces in this country. But as in overall, it's quite okay here.

I had certain struggles about my work. There are lots of terms and things that I need to remember. There are terms that I'm not familiar with, things that I have to learn to understand more. I'm fine with learning new stuff, but to be in a whole lot new field is quite scary sometimes, though. Well, I studied business before and I made a drastic turn to be in advertising field. All thanks to the hardness of getting a job suitable for me. 

I envy to those folks who are able to work in the areas that they feel more fun or comfortable with. Like for instance, a writer. Since I've always love to write (and I wanted to be an author, actually), I find those who can work at home are really awesome. 

Nevertheless, all these worries faded when I received my first paycheck. Since I joined the company later in the month, I get my salary faster. And I'm now able to give my parents some money. I am able to pay for what I buy with my mom. It's nothing much, really, but it still made me proud supporting them financially. When I give money to both of my mum and dad and heard them say Alhamdulillah, I feel good inside.

So starting from that day, I set my mind only to survive here by supporting my parents who already raise me up good. I want to be able to support them now, since they're already old. Their sacrifices, their effort, their time, their money, all that I want to pay them back.

Insya Allah.