Monday, August 25, 2014

This feeling, I've once felt it before. The pain is unbearable. The thing is, I could not imagine if I ever feel it again, but I did. The same cold feeling and situation once again, after all those years, come back again, alive.

Now you tell me, how should I go on with this? 

Once again, I felt like being abandoned. By the one that I care so much. So so much that I could feel my heart aching. So so much that I could not imagine this would happen, again.

The thing that I don't understand is, how could you not see how I care so much for you? You know I'd bleed myself dried, for you. Only for you.

I'm not mad, though. I just felt betrayed, disappointed, tired. But please know this, if you look out at the window, and feel the air slightly brushes your skin, that is when I'm thinking about you for sure. I will never be able to forget you, not once. Like how I couldn't even forget about that someone.

I care, really.