Friday, July 25, 2014

So ladies and gents, currently I'm reading this particular book. A book from our very own Malaysian-Australian horror novelist. A very interesting one, though. Especially to those who love the occult, myths, supernatural, ghosts and etc, this book is made just for you. As my friends addressed me as the one who loves thrillers and ghost stories, I find this book is very appealing; synced with the addressed title. HA.

You can say the tales are mostly very typical to Malaysian culture and beliefs. There's pontianak, bomoh, haunted apartment and others. To tell more about this book wouldn't be as interesting as reading it. Hence, get your copies! :) But from what I've read, I find myself to be immersed with this book. I've finished 100 pages just a day. Very interesting, really. 

Enjoy reading, everyone :)