Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I have already submitted my final report of thesis paper, for my last semester of degree. Which means, my years of struggles, hardships, workloads and etc are done, finally. Finally, I am done with my degree life. 3 years full of sweats, hard works and tears.

I can finally enjoy my short holiday, with books, in my room, with good people, and the most important part is I am no longer have the commitment to study and face the exams. With that, I'm relieved. Really, I am. Alhamdulillah.

So what I did at home currently, is just lay on my bed while enjoying few pieces of good books which I have already bought since my practical training duration, and I have to wait to read them for almost 6 months, which make my soul aches to read them. Now that I can finally lay my hands of them, it feels good, though. I love books. I enjoy reading books. Well, why wouldn't I be? The words, the phrases, the sentences, the imagination of each pages, they give me good vibes. As if I was in a whole new world for me. A world in the books, at least. At least my day can be a little bit more productive with readings.

Doesn't matter what books you have, just grab and read them. It's good for you.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Later! :)