Sunday, February 3, 2013


I have a question to ask all of you. What kills you spell the words in your texts or even chats in full sentences? I mean, what does these words mean to you ; 'hye awarkk....ittew tayang awark tgt2 tawww...' or 'bro..kow kart manew dowhh?' or 'kitew x nark mkn pi kitew lapaawrrr urhh...' And the worst part is saying your greet in short forms like salam, assalam, slm  so forth and so on. Does it kills you saying your greet properly as in Assalamualaikum ? Doesn't it sounds much better? Come to think of it, I've mentioned about this through my last post a year back. I've shared my concerned and how I feel annoyed of these short-forms things. This is just a quick check I guess.

This is one of our Malaysian's culture and attitude that I seriously don't understand, keeps me sick and annoyed. It looks and sounds simple but as time passes by, I think I've had enough of these things. It's not that I'm condemning our nation, it just this doesn't look right. So I guess wrong thing should be pointed out and let us all correct our mistakes, right? 

What makes me write this entry is that I had to look at all these short forms as I scrolled down the timeline and it grossed me out, like seriously. It feels like I've been forced to read it. I mean, I, too uses short forms. But not as chronic as the examples that I've mentioned earlier.

Change for better, people. It's nothing that you may lose. It's not like you have killed a person. Your action is what displayed how you actually behave.