Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mark Zukerberge Converts to Islam, Now Known as Mark Abu-Bakar.

Mark Abu-bakar said:

I’ve been wanting to convert since a very long time. Yesterday, when we finally decided to shut down Facebook for 24 hours in October, i took some time out to think about what actually defines my life. I came to the conclusion that if there’s no Facebook, there’s no Mark Zuckerberg. That’s when it hit me. I was lucky that someone on Facebook had a web app for online conversion, so i went forward with it. Yes, its true. The app also posted a notification on my wall, you can check it out. May the lord be with you.

Mark Abu-bakar has also said that he now plans to take time off Facebook on concentrate on something that has a more positive outcome. He also hinted that Facebook headquarters might be shifted to Afghanistan as well.

Is this a big news or what?? Whatever it is, Welcome new brother. May the love be with you.

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