Thursday, November 10, 2011

I woke up this morning with a rapid heartbeat. It was all still clear in my head. Like I saw those with my own fucking eyes! Like I was really there! As soon as I realized that it was all a dream, I could not help it but having a relief.

Seriously though, in my dream I was at mountain or something, going for somewhere for some reason. And in a blink of an eye, there's a wipe out that come from the ocean. Imagine the whole place was suffocated by water, there's nowhere to hide or run. I was trying to run with other people. I heard screaming and shouting for help, for God. And in a matter of seconds, I felt my body collapsed and I couldn't stand up and run like the others.

It was still clear in my head, I just let others run as I couldn't even start to stand. Slowly, my body feels disappear bit by bit. Like my soul have been inhaled by something.

I thought I didn't have a chance to fix myself for my own, fix myself for my family. and most importantly fix myself for God! I was scared to death! Alhamdulillah, it was just a dream.

I've been thinking is this some kind of message driven to me to do good deeds more? Or is there any hidden message that i need to dig to find the meaning? Nevertheless, I'm still grateful that I'm still alive, so I can be a better person.


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