Friday, November 4, 2011

I know it is fated. And I know I can't change a thing. I've prepared for this one to come, but the aches still hurt a lot! It is all my fault that everything is going that way. I know I can do better but fated has drew down the line.

It's okay. I will take this positively. It's not like the world ends already. There's still time for God's sake. At least I can put things right back on track.

I swear to myself and my family I will do better for final year. No more stupid plays by me, no more late night gossips as I used to be, no more last minute studies, no more sit back and relax and do nothing, just no more heaven. For final year, I will give my all and will strike my best.

God, please bare with me. Please help me this time. No more pain.

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