Friday, April 8, 2011

I've been good here.
Surrounded with good people around me.
Truly, they are the best.
Best that i can get.

If i ever to describe them, i will take years to do it.
They are priceless. Very precious to me.
I go back to campus, laughing non-stop.
Keep on smiling eventhough i misses my family so much.
Laughing so badly that i can feel numb on my face.

I'm known with my wittiness and naughty.
Yeah, that's me.
And that will remain in their brains if they ever think of me.

I have my own way to make people feel good when with me.
I have my own way to make people misses me.
I know i'm very bad sometimes.
But sometimes, i can be really good too.
Trust me, you will never replace me with someone else.

That's me.
And yes, i love all my friends, eventhough i'm quite ignorance.

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