Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear unnie,

I'm sorry for everything. Especially when i moved out without telling you properly about what problems i'm facing now. Even if i tell you, i know you will never understand. That's why i keep it to myself. I'm sorry again the other nights and days i ignored you. It's the emotions and i'm sorry about that. Ignorance is who i am and i would like you to understand me, because you do better than anyone else do.

Unnie, it's not my intention to left you all alone in that house. I've already ask you to move in with me. But you refused to. I have already talk to you properly. But instead of understanding me you turn your body off of me and just walk away the other night when i'm with Hanan. I'm sorry, i was a jerk. I am a jerk and i always be a jerk. I know that and i'm sorry.

I want us to get back together like we use to be like before. Laughing, gossiping and sharing stories. I would love to make beautiful memories again with you. Like we used to. Watching movies together. Hanging out eventhough it's just between me and you. I would really love to do it again.

I know you want some time to get it straight. I understand how you feel. You can be mad at me if that's the only way for us to be like we used to. Than you can be mad at me as hard as you want it. It's okay, i get it. I'm not trying to be angel here, but i really want you back. I really misses you. I'm sorry if i see you but i don't say hi to you. It's not that i don't want to, i do. But i just want to give you some time to think.

Don't think and feel that you are always alone by yourself. I'm always there for you. I know i would do anything to help you. You're a sister to me. That's what sisters do, they help each other.


Lots of love,

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