Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yesterday was super-duper-power-fun!!
I had a really great time with them.
Seriously, it was a big day!

First, we prepared food for picnic.
There were a lot variety of food that we have prepared.
We've got Nasi Goreng, Fried Chicken, Nasi Beriyani, Sardine Roll and Root Beer!
After we've all prepared, we heading straight to Port Dickson.
First thing to do is eat, of course!
Then, we jump into the sea.

So much fun when you're with your friends.
It's a total feeling when you are with your family.
Swimming, sun-bathing, sand-castling and photoshooting.
After that, we eat again.

Then, we were heading to the Pasar Malam.
Buy some stuff and some food, then we head to Seremban.
At fisrt, we planned to catch some movies.
But then, we go staright to Karaoke Centre since the movies on air are seems to not to be catchy.

Signs up names, choose room and throw some money, and the karaoke room is ours.
While waiting for the room to be prepared, we head to McDonalds.
We grab some Sundaes and fries and straight to the karaoke room back.

It was 11 late at night.
All we do is screaming and singing out loud.
Got tired after 2 hours straight of singing.
At 1 in the morning, we go back home.
And again, we sing again in the car.

It was so enjoyable!
I love curfew-less life!

p/s : Sorry i can't upload much photos. More on Facebook.

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