Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've decided my New Year's Resolutions.
Yeah, i know it's kinda late.
But still, right?

Okay, first!
I wanna fix my grades and increase it more.
So that i can graduate happily!
I want to make my parents proud of me and brings down those who look down on me.
Insya Allah.
May Allah help me with this.

I was told that this semester is short semester.
Then, we will have our 4 months holiday!
Okay, my second resolution is i wanna get a Blackberry for myself!
I'm going to work hard and earn my own.
I have interest in BB since like first semester, since forever.
Insya Allah!

And finally, i'm going to get myself a driving license.
Yeah, you bet i will.
And maybe got car from my mom perhaps?

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