Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's been awhile, aite?
Last time i wrote, it has been a hot issue happened on this particular class.
Seriously, do you guys have to mention my posts to your class?
Do you have to make it a topic-to-gossiped about?
Seriously, you don't have a life.
Fuck yourself more, okay?
Love, me.

Enough about not-important-people.
Let's talk more about me.
I'm about to do a little research on PR later on.
So that i'm well-prepared when lecturer ask us soon.
Hopefully, i can get bonus mark >.<

I'm saving for future starting few days back.
I even have a 'Everyday Expenses Chart' on my yellow notebook.
Don't you guys think i'm more systematic now?

Will not going back this week.
I've got plans with housemates this weekend.
We're about to catch some movies and grab some good food.
Since i'm tired of cooking.
I think i need a break and cleanse my intestines with some good stuffs.

Catch you guys later, aite?

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