Monday, January 17, 2011

I don't know when i have this kind of feelings on you.
But i think, i like you.
In fact, i love you.
From the deepest down part of my heart, i do love you.

I know that i'm not supposed to have this thing.
But i can't help it but just to love you.
Only you.
There's no one in my heart except you.
I used to have no feelings on this.
But you are my exception.

How should i say this?
This is happening so fast.
So fast that couldn't get a grip on myself.
So fast that i want to turn back time so that i can cherish my moments with you.
More than you could imagine.

I know it's wrong to have this, cause i know in the end, i'm the one who will be hurt a lot.
I know it's wrong, because i'm afraid how things will be.
I know that one day, i will screw up.
I know it's wrong, because one day i'll lose you.

I know i love you.
And i also do know that i can't have you.
I just can't have you.
If only i have the guts to tell you that i love you.
If only i have the guts that i want to be with you.
If only i can take care of you.
If only you will like, you will love me too.

I imagine things like how am i when i'm with you.
I imagine things like how you are when you're with me.
I imagine things like when we're holding hands together.
I imagine things like we lay down together sharing stories and laugh together.
It's like there's only us in this world.
Only us, in this world.

I'm afraid that i might be losing you.
Time passes so fast, so fast that i want to grab you.
So fast that i want you by my side, and never leave me.
I'm afraid that it will be hard for me to breath when you're not with me.
I'm afraid that we're not seeing each other.
I'm just afraid of losing you.
Cause i love you.

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