Thursday, January 20, 2011

After few weeks i've been burdened with which class i should take for Mandarin Language, now i've come into decision to be in the same class with Qaseh!
The problem is, i couldn't register my course because the classes are full with students.
And thank god there's a spot for me in that class.

Few days back, i've been thinking to be in the same class with my dearest Syamim and Ant.
But after deep thought, i must say i'd rather die than be in that class!
Because there's a couple of people that i'm not comfortable to be with.
And there's a particular bitch in that class.
Rather than being disturbed by those kind of people, i could just die in vain.
I don't want to risk my grades because of just few people.
No, absolutely not!

And thank god, there's still a spot in Qaseh's class!
And thank god, i did my last check.
And thank god, i'm not risking my grades in that class.

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