Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Anymore.

I guess, i used to be a bad friend to some people. Even among my own bestfriends. I used to talk craps and say shit behind them. Well, its not like i'm selling all their secrets or something. Its just some random words that maybe any people would not know what i'm trying to say.

I'm not like that anymore. And i'm also not saying that i'm an angel or something. I try to not badmouthing people. Gossiping about others that don't bugging me. No, i will not do so. I'm trying to.

If someone tries to get on my nerve, or say something bad about me that that 'something' is not really is the truth, or talk bad behind my back, i don't really make a fuss about it. I simply will just ignores them and erase them in my life. And if they apologize or something, i will accept their apologizes and always remember what type of person they are and just be prepared if same damn thing happens again.

That is my sweet revenge.

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