Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Want Many Luxury Goods

I want MacBook Pro. I want my own car. I want to owned shoes from different brands. I want my so-long-crush Blackberry Storm. I want nice shirts and jeans. I want pretty cats. I want beautiful sunglasses. I want loud and strong speakers. I want cool mp3 players. I want some awesome accessories in my bedroom. I want bags and sweatshirts. I want DSLR. I want to go overseas for vacations. I want cool guitars. I want more than you could imagine.

But to have all that, i need money. My mom always says to me to study hard and own good job first. And everything that you want, you can get them anytime. Just study and work on your CGPAs.

Frankly, i did try to stay put on studies. But there are so many things that i get distracted for. I just wish my will can be little bit more stronger. So that i can achieve what i want in my life.

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