Friday, June 4, 2010

Yesterday Was AWESOME!

My mom and my sister took up up on campus yesterday. We went to Jakel right away after that. When we was searching for parking, we accidently met Cik Sal, who once took care of me while my parents off to work when i was a kid.

Damn! I can't really recognize her though since she's way too skinny now. "Cik Sal, are you sick? You should take care of yourself more from now on." That's what i said to her and she just gently smiled at me :)

Jakel was okay, since i don't really shopping. But when it comes to gadgets, my reaction would be this " Gadgets are AWESOME! " :)

I tend to forget all the problems and stresses in campus when i'm with my family. That is what i like the most about being with family. No need to think about others and cherish every single moment with family :)

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