Friday, June 4, 2010

Intersession : Day 12

I'm sorry, i forgot to update this journal on time. So, here we go.

Yesterday was okay. I feel like i dont want to go to class because i feel a little bit lazy. HAHA. Nevertheless, i still woke up though.

Go to class like usual. At first, i feel like i want to skip the class. But eventually, i enjoyed the lessons. Process Costing? I dont know how to comment on this chapter. But what i do know is it is quite confusing. And Miss A'ieshah tought us way too fast! How am i supposed to undertsnad it better?? But its okay. I think after i do the exercises that she gave, i will understand it better. insyaALLAH.

After class, i've grabbed an IceBlended Bubble Tea Honey Dew. Ahh, it was a relief since its quite hot yesterday.

Going home yesterday. Its the place that i feel most secure for now :)

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