Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Is Seriously Serious!

Remember about the group on Facebook that i've mentioned before? Well, today i got lists of websites for you guys out there to see. Now, it is about their agenda. Muslims, seriously you need to take a look at those websites that i've posted. It is time for us to seriously wake up from all of these shits. They seriously are conquered us!

-I guess, this is why they killed Micheal Jackson ( Its just my piece of thoughts)

-They are everysinglething in everywhere. Its just us who blind.

-The Government of The United States of America really planned this well. Have a look,please.

-Artists are also behind the scene.

-The conspiracies.





I guess that is why i prefer Korean than Us' atrists. They are planning this from the day that we didn't born yet. Whether we know or not, we are their generations. So please, take a look at those links.

Some say that The Illuminati thing is related to The Freemasons. Which mean, it can lead to The Jews. So think about it. Are we The Jews's Generations? Seriously Muslims, wake up!

Thank You.

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