Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Intersession : Day 2

I still cant sleep though. Today, ive been trying to sleep from 1am up until 3am. I keep waking up. Its hot here eventhough its just two of us here.

Ive been taking different path to go to class. It is much more better than yesterday because i dont have to climb stairs anymore! Though i am still sweating like hell, but it is better than yesterday.

I've been with Aina all day long, since she's here all alone. So i make a decision to accompany her. Though its just both of us, but i guess it is better than having lots of useless friends.

I still miss my mom. My mom said its okay if i want to stay at home. It is much more better, she said. But, thinking that Aina will be alone, i will stay here to keep her company,i guess. At least, i can study more here. Hopefully.

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