Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm so so soo into guitars nowadays! Actually,i have interest on this unique instruments since i was 7! But i keep it as nothing until now. I keep seeing my classmates plays guitarsa nd im like,okay this is it! It is the time for me to learn new lessons. I also have search for basic chords for me to learn. And guess what,i've survey few acoustic guitars to buy! The picture below is my first choice;

So,how? It may look simple but yet,its rather seen and its branded! Its the Freeman Acoustic Guitar. And the price is just RM150. How cool is that? And below is my second choice ;

This is a nice piece of shit la kan? But its too expensive for a beginner like me. I forgot the exact cost of it but as far as i remeber its around RM300. So i guess,it is better for me to buy the Freeman one.

And yes,ive learnt few chords on youtube and some guitarists blogs. So i need a guitar to practice with. And yes,i'll put my effort after my final examinations!

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