Friday, April 9, 2010

1 Week Left!

My final examination is just 1 week away from now. And i'm like,hell no! I didn't do any serious revision as far as my mind can remember. My tests are all at the weak states,i guess. I mean,i didn't score well in my Test 1. And now i feel like i've screwed up my Test 2. The only subject that i guess i've give it all is in Economy. For Marketing and Accounts,i just cant imagine what my marks will look like. I used to like Management. I used to score good marks on Management. And now why i cant perform well in Marketing too? Its just the same damn thing! Duhh! For Accounting,i really hope that i dont have to repeat this @#$%&* paper! I have give it all i got to focuss on this shit. Dangg!

Please Lord,give my mind some aura so that i can easily remember anything that i have memorize and apply it on my examination paper. So that i can get 3 pointer and above for this month too. So that i can make my parents and family proud of me. So that i can see smiles on my mom's face when she see my result. Please,i want it that way!

I will try my very best to do well to in this semester. To get result that better than last semester. I will try my very very very best. From Sunday onwards,no more stupid movies to watch. No more 24/7 on Facebook. I will try that. And yes,i need support from my *sisters* to look after me when im kinda slipping away from my resolutions! I will try,thats my promise!

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