Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Sorry,but I Have Feelings Too.

Things have been so complicated right now,and i know you noticed that too. But you refused to talk about it. Will you please,please forget about the past and try to move on? I'm sick of those dramas that we created. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I'm sorry for my ignorances towards you. I do have feelings too.
I'm sorry for what i've done to you. I do have feelings too.
I'm sorry if i raised my voice towards you. I do have feelings too.
I'm sorry if i'm not treated you properly. I do have feelings too.
I'm sorry if my words hurts you. I do have feelings too.

Pal,i know we have some misunderstanding issues right now but i'm really tired of it. I'm tired to pretend that we're okay but the truth is you refused to even looked at my face eventhough i'm right by your side. Do you know how i'm badly hurt inside? You don't care about my feelings at all,and that hurts me the most. I have tried to be your bestest friend in this college,but it seems that i have failed. I don't know what i did wrong to you. I dont know what mistakes i'v done this time. But please,try to understand me. I too have situations that i need to face of. Don't you even think about it?

When you're stressed out,you always take me to blame on. Sometimes,i don't even know what i did wrong. Yes,i know i'm full of mistakes too. But atleast,i didn't take you easy. I try to not take you for granted,but it seems that you are. I'm tired of these bullshits! Can we just get over it?

Please dont try to make me be the person that i'm not. Do you even know that i need you by my side since we are connected in many ways. It feels very awkward that we dont even talk to each other but we're still in a same place or whatsoever. I dont want this to happen and i want us to be normal again.

I never really,wanted you to see the screwed up side of me that i keep. Locked inside of me so deep. It always seems to get to me. I never really wanted you tu hurt. So many things you should have heard. I guess for me it's just no hope. I never mean to be so cold.

*Through it all,i've made my mistakes. I stumble and fall. But i mean those words that i wrote. Sincerely. I'm sorry,and i miss the old you.*