Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Want to Stay in Alamanda!

Just now,all Alamandans have to attend themselves to one important meeting. Its regarding the rumors that all of us will have to move to another campus. Move?? HELL NO! Seriously,i want to stay in Alamanda until i graduate or at least until i've been promoted to degree level,Insya-Allah. I'm not fuuly satisfied yet to stay here. I love the environment here. I love the people at here. Although some of them are too loud and annoys me,but who cares? They are just one person.

Frankly speaking,i just love to be here. Its been part of my life now. How i can easily forget of this place? I mean,i have been through all sorts of memories here. All kind of people i've now known. From positive to negative,i just did. I just cant easily forget about them. No,i cant. And its hard for me to do it. I love all my roomates. Yes,ofcourse including that person. I've treated them as part of my family,like we are all sisters. How can a sister forget about her sisters? Its sad right?

I will misses my ex-classmates so much. Although we're not inthe same class anymore,but still we are friends. I miss all the activities that we've been thru. The fun environment when we waited for lecturers to get in the class. The cheers that we created when Afiq says that we've got no classes for today. Damn! I miss it so much!

The days that me and my roomates have been thru all these while. From smiles to cries. Sincerely,i enjoy every single time with you guys. I still remember the first day we've met. Yeah,its kinda awkward for the first time. But we're doing fine until now. And i'm still misses the moment when all of us was in level 18. Theres no stress,no burden,no worries about moving campus,no cat-fights(just normal misunderstandings but we still manage to keep it down),no sadness,just NO for everything.

How can i forget about all these things? Yes,i know sooner or later i'll get thru it but not now. I beeging for mercy,just please let us stay here until we grad! I just cant imagine how my life will go on continues without all the person that cheers my whole life for the past last semester until now. I just cant :'(

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