Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Friend

Best friend in my own simple definition is a person who is close to you and is willing to share both sweet and bitter moment together. A person who is willing to tell you what is right and what is wrong in a proper way. A person who always be there for you to listen to your problem and wipe your tears when you cry. A person who is not hypocrite,she will not tell bad things about you to other friends. A person who is do not have the heart to 'mengumpat' you to others.

A person who is trying her best to make you happy. A person who help you in your studies so that you will not lose in your education. A person who is trying her best so that you and your best friend will not have to face any fight. A person who will to share any thoughts any feelings with you. You're the first person to know about it. A person who knows what you like and dislike. A person who always remember you wherever she goes. A person who will call you late at night just to ensure that you are doing fine. A person that always chat with you in your social networks. A person that share the same interest with you. A person that is willing to accompany you whenever you're left alone.

You know,all the positive things in friendship. I just wish i will find the one. But i have some names that can be the one but i'm afraid that i'll loosing them. To me,its okay if have only one best friend in this whole wide world. Its more than enough for me. And i wish that the one is you. I'm still hoping for it to come true.

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