Sunday, December 13, 2009

Working on my english

Sem 2 is just around the corner and i'm so fucked up. Another what,4 weeks left? I just dont care. But what i do care is that i need to work on my english because my english is getting extremely worst! I cant even spell 'beleived' right when i wrote the word in one of my silly books. I'm only noticed the spelling when my dad read it out loud. Pfffttt! How can i forgot that simple word? I need to do some revisions cause my English Lecturer is so looking forward for my mistakes especially in essays next sem. Gosh,i still can hear his loud shouts,straightly thru my goddamn ears. Fuck! I think its his hobby to do that(shit thoughts). He may sound cruel,but he's kinda cute and sporting though! Yeah,i remember when he sang "I'm Yours" with his brown acoustic guitar during our class party. How cool is that aite? Nevertheless,he cares about our grades and always give extra marks to neutralize his madness. Haha. But what can i say? He knows the best.

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