Monday, December 14, 2009

Slumber Setan!

Slumber Setan ; a friendship-family gang or group that was established by early of 2004. The group consists of myself,Hani,E'en,Zai,Atik,Mursyidah and Sai. Unfortunately,the group dissapeared in silence when one-by-one members of the group slowly being apart of each other at the and of 2005,going 2006. I dont know where to put the blame on but i know,none of us would like it to happen that way.

Pals,i missed you guys a lot! More than you could imagine. I miss when we used to hang out together in Dorm5(my dorm) while eating snacks and chit chats. There was a time that i cried when i think of our precious time. Its hard for me to believe that i'm loosing you guys now as we used to be so close like sisters. How can this be? I still dont have the answer for this. To be frank,i miss each and everyone of you eventhough i never showed it. Eventhough we had a big fight or whatsoever,i still going to miss you guys. Trully,i am.

Thanks for being my closests friend and still keep in touch with me though we're apart now. You trully care for me hani. I still remember 'The Fasting Month Tragedy'. Do you remember it? In case if you dont,let me briefly explain it to you. There was a time when Zai,Atik and Sai dont talk to me,like 2 or 3 weeks. Yeah,i still remember it. But i dont really remember whats the issue of that fight. Well hani,you're the only person that come and talk to me. Trying to fix my problems and calm me down. You're the one who willing to accompany me whenever i want to go or do,you're the one. But i still remember when you used to get on my nerve. Haha,silly hani. But its fine,cause i know you well my friend.

Sharifah Syazreen Bt Syed Agail,the longest name of our group :p You used to be the most attractive and pampered person. I still remember when Zai and me are planning to have you in our team,yes we do. And i dont regret it because having you is the most precious treasure in our life. E'en,you are so kind and intelligent. You always help me with my english. We used to have English Session in Prep Room,remember? I mean,"E'en,apa maksud indulgence,apa maksud sophisticated? Jom kita main spelling bee nak tak?" Haha. I still remember it though. You and me also have lots of conversation,especially about guys. You always ask me about guy's thoughts about you,their feeling,your feelings about them. And you always seek for my oppinion,you know,since i used to have the "boy's sense". Do you still remember them E'en? I do. You always tell me stories about your abang angkat,which is hasif and your ex. I enjoys having a conversation with you E'en,and i miss that moment very much.

Zai,i missed you! You are the only reason why i love maths. You always help me with my maths problems. Arabic language too! We used to sit together in class when Form 2,remember? Yeah,i admit that we used to fight sometimes but we easily get along kan? :) We used to tell secrets together,go to class together and so on. You used to be my teammates when we are selected in our netball school group. We used to go training together and come back to the dorm late. Haha. I've had so much fun with you Zai. You're the one who intoduced me to Kak Hanna and her gang,sampai jadi kakak angkat la. Hee :p Thanks Zai! Ouh ya,i still remember when there's a time you sell candies! Ingat tak? I'm your permanent customer. "Zai ada tak? Nak beli gula-gula lah." Haha. I missed that moment lah Zai. You're the one who introduced me to Olay Facial Wash! We used to clean our face at night before going to sleep. Ingat tak Zai? Gosh!! I miss you so much!!!

Atik! Aku rindu kau la. Kita pernah satu dorm kan dulu? Masa Form1,aku ingat lagi. Kau lah yang aku mula-mula sekali knl dlm ramai-ramai tu. Kau jugak la yang sudi temankan aku tiap-tiap malam before bed. I miss you Atik! Jeles tgk rambut kau,panjang sgt! Setengah dari rambut Kak Lina. Hehe ;p Tapi kau selalu dgn Sai la masa Form1,aku agak jeles masa tu ;p Kenapa kau dah tak contact aku lagi? Aku rindu kau!

I still remember your face,yor smile,your smell,your attitude,anything about you. Aku suka sakat kau kan? Lepas tu kau suka marah2. Yeah,thats why aku suka sakat kau. Hee ;p We used to run from corridoor Dorm6 to Dorm4,and upstairs. I miss that moment Mursyi! I tried to call you for so many times but i get labelled as a husband snatcher as a pay. Hmm,maybe you've changed your number but forgot to let me know your new number. I still remember when you moving out from BBST. I cried though,silently on my bed. I never showed it,thought i can be strong in front of you. I wish you wouldnt changed school so that we can still sakat-menyakat. Hehehe.

Sai,firstly i'm trully sorry for what i've done to you for the past few years. I take you for granted and i'm so sorry. Sai,you used to be my bestest friend i've ever met in my life. We used to hang out together,just the two of us,no one else. You used to be my favourite pal in my whole life,Sai. I know,i've done you wrong for so many times and i've lied to you. But i did it for the sake of our friendship. I never thought that you and me would end this relationship with big fight. We used to best friend sai,i wish i could fix things out but i just couldn't I know you hate me now and always. I wish i could go to the time when you and me used to be like twins. I still remember your birthday date,stories that you tell about your families and everything about you. I've tried to comment you in myspace but you never comment me back. I used to cry when i think about all these shits,but i know i'm the one who you can blame on. I'm sorry Sai. I never meant to hrt you. I never meant to lie to you,i just dont. I wish we can be friends again but i know you would find it hard to forgive me. I understand that and i accepted. But if you could give me another chance,i promise to work things out and be your everything,everything for a best friend. Sorry Sai,i am.

Guys,i wish i could turn back time,time when we used to chilled together. The moment when we used to play netball together. Aren't we the greatest netball team back in Aspuri? I bet we are! I missed the moment when every Sunday morning when we used to go for jogging together,just us. I missed when every Friday we used to queue together to take turn to eat,while chating. I missed when we used to go to surau together,laughing sampai Aspura dgr ;p. I really missed that moment guys! But things have changed,though. We are different human now. We will never be like we used to be. I know you guys have your own life now,but i wish i could get little attention from all of you. I wish that we can gathered again. Remember our camping trip in Bagan Lalang? Gosh! I miss that moment and i miss you guys a lot. I seek for your forgiveness fow what i've done you wrong,for things that may hurt you or for my wrongdoing. I miss all of you,i trully am :'(
P/S ; The song that played in my blog is specially brought for you guys!

With Love,

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