Sunday, December 13, 2009

Korean Addicter?

Omg! I just cant believe that i'm into korean artists nowadays. Thanks to RAZIHAN NABILA BT MOHD FAUZI cause introducing them into my life. Without knowing her,i maybe zero about k-pop or whatsoever. Hhaha,i cant believe that i'm accepting it in my life.Their song was quite impressive and i'm starting to like their songs. Band like Super Junior,2PM,SNSD,Woderpets. Heehee,my bad,its Wonder Girls peeps! I likes their songs cause it contains full dancing,crumping,pop and more2 la. Their songs quite fast and i think that is the reason why i like 'em! So,for those yg tak dgr lagi try la. I'm sure it will rock your socks out! :D

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