Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jadual Rutin Harian Afiqah!

Take note that this timetable is only valid on my semester holidays :p

11am onwards.
-Wake up from bed with my saliva all over my mouth. Yucks!! That is soo true,but only on my holidays as i mentioned earlier :p
-Then,head up to the kitchen. Trying to fill my stomach that sounded like hell when i'm hungry.
-Have some breafast in front of tv(sebab tu aku rabun,tgk tv je).
-Next activity when i'm full,lay down for a while,trying to get some interesting channel to watch. But always end up watching Usop Sontorian. But hey,that show always make me laugh like @$^%!
-Sometimes i fall asleep,AGAIN,after eating. Eww,such a bad behaviour to follow.

-Go to toilet to freshen up my body that stinks. Yeah,i barely cant breath.
-After get dried up,i straightly go to my laptop to online lah. What do you think i would besides appear online on myspace and facebook. Duhh!!!
-I usually gets hungry after 3 to 4 hours in front of lappy,so i get my butt to the kitchen to eat(xde kerja lain,mkn je)

-At this particular time,my neighbours would surely found me playing with my cats.
-After that,i watch spongebob squarepants. Yeah,something that i cant miss!

-Taking shower,eat and watch tv(same thing makes me so damn bored!)
-Online,blogging,games and radio. "Wahaaa,bosan la dkt rumah!! Bila nak start study ni?" Thats the tipycal word that i used every single day during holidays. Boring lah kan? Dah cuti,nak study. Bila dah study,nak cuti. Dont you think people are very complicated?

-Watch Cucu Betong. Duhh!! What else can i watch when my house dont have astro?
-After that continue online. Can you imagine how bored i am?

1am onwards.
-Still online or blogging or whatsoever.
-Sometimes i felt hungry and ended up mkn maggie(pagi2 buta pun boleh lapar,kan? Pelik2)
-When i'm getting board online,i play COUNTER STRIKE! Ouh yeah baby. You must find it pretty weird,"A girl playing counter strike?" You must think that word,right? I bet you do. Well,times changed though. Face it. Girls can do whatever they want to do.

-End up sleeping on my desk. Sometimes downstairs,without pillow nor blanket. When i'm lucky,i sleep on my bed or on sofa.

Well,that is my random timetable during holidays. Iwish time will pass faster,so that i can keep on living without do these shits. Thats all from now. Bye2.

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