Monday, August 10, 2015


Hello, everyone. It is now August, 2015. 8.31 PM to be exact.
You know, do you ever had this situation where you kinda talked to yourself? I had. As a matter of fact, I had this thing almost everyday. You just subconsciously talked with yourself. Next thing you know, you kinda feel embarrassed by it.

Well from my point of view, I talked to myself mostly when I'm alone. Or when I'm motivated to do something, want to be motivated to do something and such. But mostly right after I watched movies. Haha. Lame, I know. This situation often came with two characters ; I myself, of course. And, you. You, the one that I miss.

It's like I'm in a movie with you. Just you. Mostly because I thought I haven't seen you for so long. Even if I did, it's just for one day. Then we're going part ways for almost a year. You know when you miss someone, you tend to pretend that one person is right in front of you, and you were talking to them. That is exactly what my situation is.
Most of my times, I've been thinking about you. How do you do, have you eaten, are you doing well, do you do great in class. You know, simple things. Though I have not around or stay in touch, I do hope that you know I'll always be thinking of you.
That is what I'm trying to tell you about in this very post ; you. If you read this, know that I'll always be there if you have problems. Although I know even if you read this, you may not know that this post is about you, though.