Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hi, everyone. It's been a long, long moment since my last post, though. Haha rasa macam awkward untuk start blog balik. Nevertheless, I miss posting something. Hence, here I am came up with something.

Banyak sangat benda yang tak tertulis dekat blog ni. Too many, may things to tell. But since my schedules are packed with thesis and practical and all, I've decided to focus on my priorities first.

So, I've done with my practical training. So many things I've learnt so far, so many good people I've known and of course, the experience is what I've treasured the most. Viva? I'm also done with my Viva presentation. I'm the first presenter of the group and the examiners seemed to be satisfied with what I'm trying to present, Alhamdulillah. Just a presentation, without a Q&A Session. How lucky can I be? Ahem, thanks O' Lord.

Hmm, apa lagi ye? For starting and as a warm-up, I guess this is what I 'll start with. Lama sangat tak practice English essay, rasa macam kelam kabut grammar sekarang ni. Haha.

Okay, until next post, bye-bye. Take care.