Thursday, September 5, 2013


So I already finished my semester 4, and already did checked the result. The result was good, okay. Just okay. Although I did not get my Dean's List this semester, only 0.05 away from grabbing it into my palm, nearly missed it. Nevertheless, I was still grateful though. Through ups and downs, I managed to get good results on certain killer papers last phase. Some papers were even unexpected. I even get an A for Supply Chain paper. Whatever it is that I'm trying to say, I'm happy that it was all gone through, although I did played too much last semester. But, I get what I did, and quite disappointed but still, Alhamdulillah. Gonna do well next semester.

Today, it's already 5th of September. My class will start on 9th September and believe it or not, I feel excited about this coming season. I'm going to stay at home, going back and forth from here to class, driving all the way to Shah Alam. Which means, I have to wake up each mornings earlier than usual, which is mean, it is gonna be really a hectic season. Oh and yes, we have Friday class up until 6PM. Yeap, I feel like just want to give a good damn hard slap on whoever did this timetable schedule thing. Sorry.

Whatever it is, I had a good holiday moments. I've been given this Kancil cute car from my aunty. She says use it well. Hell yeah I'm blessed. Others would have to pay for theirs but I got mine for free. Don't care if it is small or what, it's still a car for God's sake. Thank you, Mak Teh! :)

And yeap I know this is random, but I miss Dragon Family. Seriously, miss you guys a lot! :')