Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Assalamualaikum people.

So I just got back from the class. Literally 10 minutes since I arrived home. Been sweating yeah cause it's kinda hot this evening. So basically, the test is on this Friday. A big day for me. I hope everything will turn out well. I really need to pass this time. Seriously. An important thing for me. Yes.

Nothing much happened today. Been laying on the bed since forever. Insya Allah after this week is end, am gonna be seriously relief. So I must pass this no matter what.

Holidays. Usually I spent my time downloading movies and things. Been sitting on the bed from dawn till dusk. Got me? Its like I've got no life except for my bed. Haha. Okay now shush.

So tomorrow am gonna go check my namelist for the test. It's kinda feel nerve-wrecking to be honest. Yeah it sure is.

Ohh and did I mention I get myself a new kitty? It's a girl. A Siamese cat. White and few brown spots with beautiful blue eyes. A cute one indeed. I will upload the picture of her later. I did not decide yet what name should I give her. 

Will catch up with you guys later aite. Its movie time! :)