Friday, January 25, 2013

Assalamualaikum friends.

So here I am, finally going to seriously post on something. So, I have now finished my semester 3 in UiTM Shah Alam. I'm glad that I've done and sitted for my finals. It's a relieve though, with all the hard works and stresses and all, I can finally sit back and relax at home. 

Being in degree years, for my first time it's tiring though. Seriously, I've never been stressed out about my studies like this. I mean, I do have hard times in diploma years, but degree is seriously a whole new story. Too much works to be done, too much pop quizzes and tests to be prepared and too many projects to take care of. There's one day that I've come across my limit that I spent my night crying in the toilet while showering. Cried in the toilet thinking am I strong enough to face these types of challenges. Thinking can I do well this time around? Now it's holidays, I can't help it but to feel the relieved ruling myself.

I've been thinking to quit on my studies and start with working. 2 of my friends have already decided to stop with degree and continue with work, which I envy them to have high guts like that. I'm thinking to do small business on my own. Start my own label. Be part of those successful people around. But I know, the word 'work' means a lot. A lot of new things to face and new challenges to go through. Am I ready for all that? Being 22 is already stressed out. How the heck those older people go through all these shits? I wonder.

So I've decided to wait for my result, and then I will think hard about my future. Thinking back, it's just a waste to quit at this point, plus now I've only 3 semesters to go. Well, like I said, let the time decide. I'm afraid I might made a total mistake. It's regarding my future though, that's big. It can't be wasted.

Final examination. Hmmm, how should I put this into words? I guess I already did my best. Seriously, I've given my all this time around. I've put all my efforts for this semester. So I seriously wish that I can score all of my papers. Seriously Lord, please grant these wishes for me. Frankly, I am aiming for ANC title. DL every semester. I want to be the best student for my course in my degree years. Can I atleast wish that it will come true? If others can do it, why can't I? The only thing I can do is hoping. Well, I've given my best. Why can't I give it a shot, and make my parents proud, right? I hope everything is going well. Please, pray for me :)

I guess that's it for now. Will update again this night. Insya Allah. Take care everyone. Have a good day ahead! :)