Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where did you go, the you who just passed me by and left?
Are you doing fine, at a place without me by your side?
Hoping you'll come back, the times I've waited for you
I'll let it go now.

The beautiful times we had, they're all memories now.
The tears I shed when I missed you like crazy.
Hoping you'll come back, time stood stagnant.

Couldn't you find it, the road that leads back to me? 
Should I wait a little while more, should I wait here a little longer?
Hoping you'll come back, I waited all this while.

My love, it ends right here, this never-ending yearning. 
Stuck in my throat, I couldn't say it.
Those heartbreaking words of parting.
All my beautiful memories of you, it's leaving me right now.

M To M-Really Wanna Say Hello