Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Assalamualaikum people.

As most of my fiends here know that I'm now in degree years. To those that do not know about this, well I just mentioned this just now. 

Degree life, it's like a whole new thing for me. The people, the lecturers, the faculties, the colleges, the friends and the environment. Eventhough this campus is just 30 minutes away from my house but yeah it's still a complete world away from my own.

Frankly, truthfully, I'm getting some issues in adjusting in this place and environment. I have issues in adjusting with new friends although they are all nice people, really. It's not that I hated here, it's just that I hate changes. I used to move in groups back in the days. But now I usually walks alone or with one or two people. It's lonely though, seems like a complete loner. I miss my friends. I really misses them a lot I feel I could cry. Where did my sense of humor gone to? Where did my friendly faces gone to? Where did my guts in socializing with people gone to? I miss my own self even more. I miss the fun and outgoing person that I used to be before.

My spirits, looks like they're gone. It's not that this place sucks, it's just that I can barely find myself here just yet. I think I'm gonna go alone for the time being. Give myself time to adjust. Give myself time to recover and find back my spirits. All that I'm thinking now is that I must focus on my studies. I must get good grades for the new semester, the opening semester for degree years. Study is my priority right now. I'm okay with not socializing much with new semester, with new place. Thinking back at those days, I find myself interesting only in Semester 4 in Diploma Years. So yeah I should give myself some time. Let time flow and it will all be okay later. I just need to focus on the studies, yes that's what I'm thinking right now.

Seeing my friends are all happy at new place, well I'm happy too. Seeing their smiles and happy faces through the pictures that they've uploaded on Facebook, frankly I'm happy to see them happy. But at the same time, it aches me by bits that I'm not there with them, sharing those smiling faces together. I wish I was there but in reality, I'm here and they're all so far away. Truthfully, I misses them so much.

I just wish that I can get through all this with faith and brave.