Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It has been so long since my last post. Been busy as hell as usual plus nothing much to write eventhough there is so much to tell. Got it? Nahhh just forget it. It's just a simple play with words.

So there's only few days more until Eid Mubarak. Few days more for Ramadhan. This year's Ramadhan, it felt so fast. It's like this holy month is running away from us to even grab a hold of it. Am gonna miss this Ramadhan, the only year that I've spent my whole time with my family as I'm home for long semester break until the beginning of Degree years. The only one of those years that I felt good inside and at peace. But of course there's fought and so on, but Alhamdulillah everything is still under control and back at peace.

Next month, my Degree will begin. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for this. So much to do yet I didn't even get started. New chapters will begin in my life. New life, new friends, new lesson, new drama, new environment. In one, everything is new to me and soon will be unfold. Yess I know I should be happy that my venue for this next education is very much near to my house, but I don't know if I'm happy enough to be separated with my closed ones. To me, I don't care if I've been dragged at the very end of the country, as long as I have my friends to stay with me, to get through things together, to be together. Just us. Now that I have to find new friends, I don't know about that since I'm not good at meeting new people. Sigh.

Whatever it is, I am still grateful that this holiday has given me so much to learn. Work is work, but to be honest, I'm quite enjoying myself with this season although there're stress everywhere. But it is still enjoyable though.

I'm gonna miss this place much. The friends, bestfriends, the people, the place, the environment. Everything about it. I'll be leaving this place soon, very very soon. I don't know how the hell am I supposed to face goodbyes again, with same person. It's not the same goodbye, this is the very real goodbye that I have to face. Soon, we all will be through our own paths, far from each other. I don't know how I'm gonna cope with that. How am I supposed to tell them that I miss them when I really am missing them one day? How am I supposed to tell them that I wanna meet them when I seriously do want to see their faces, hug them, hear them laughs. How? How am I supposed to do all that when we are all very far away from each other? I'm chocked up right now. Sad, yess I must admit. But what can I do? This is the sacrifice that we all have to take. 

I should be taking lots of pictures since the very first day I was here. Now that there's only few days left, I'm kinda regret about that. There are so much memories here. Yess there are. So much that I will miss this place.