Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I seriously thought that thing would be solved immediately after that particular conversation we had last couple of days. I seriously thought I have already clear all the problems. But sadly, you still talk behind my back.

When I come to think about it again, I now realized that you're not my truly bestfriend. The long-distanced bestfriend that you talked about. The one that you claimed yourself to be a good bestfriend. The one that you said that you care about me the most.

A good friend would seriously not talk bad about their friends. Not in front of them and seriously not at their back. What the heck are you thinking? You still talk shits about me to the other people, in public! You think this will slipped away without me knowing this??

When I saw those words, they really kill me bits by bits. Do you have to think about the past and still grieving at those stupid moments of yours? Come on. Move on! Come to think about it, you're not that much of a help either. You burden me in many ways, really and I know you knew it for yourself. Right? I don't think you would ever forgotten the nuisance that you've made when you were here AT my house IN my room! I seriously meant when I said it's okay but you make it big. Really big. Yet you still claimed yourself a good bestfriend to me.

A friend should know how I react, how my words are and when the best time for me to kid around. You don;'t even hear my voice for several years and yeah you claimed I'm the one that can't kid around and too you're the perfect one. Nice one pal, nice one. I hope you enjoy living in your life with full of lies.

I bet you can't still get over me for these couple of days. That is why you still talk bad behind my back. And yes, stop dragging my mother along with this! She's not the one who you're supposed to mention in this state! You don't know her and stop acting like you know her. That's disgusting! Really!

This is so immature. Stop acting like you care when you don't really mention it. You're not even have the right to say that you're the one who being used on when you don't even know the truth fact about what I'm doing right now. Do you even care if I'm busy with work while you busy to goofing around. Do you? No, I doubt it. Cause you don't know the real truth.

Being friend with me in those years, I know you still can't even understand my attitude, behaviour and manners now and then. You still can't keep up with me in all my states. And that's not a good friend.

So all I'm trying to say is, stop talking, thinking and grieving about me and try to move on. I did! And I did it good! The only reason why I'm writing this is because I've had enough with all these bullshits of yours and I hate the fact that you still talk shits behind my back. Seriously, move on will you? Stop these dramas and please act like we don;'t know each other cause that is what you're wishing for! It is not me who wanting this separation, it's you. I've already asked you before if you're serious with your decision to not befriend with me. It is you who end this, not me. So please act like our friendship is over cause you seriously look and sound pathetic.

Don't turn me into a person that I don't want to be. I can be bad if you want me to. I can mention your name here and other stuffs IF you still provoke me. Just please stop doing those craps. I'm tired though seriously. Don't make me be and do bad things.
Thank you!