Monday, April 16, 2012

Assalamualaikum everyone.

I've just check out my previous posts on my blog. From the very first beginning post that I have posted until the recents. Wow, I must say that I sound like an idiot those days backwards. When I read at the posts, I can sense that I'm still kid in writing and all. Those words seem to be a bit childish and immature. Well, people change. I hope I've changed to a much more better person than I used to be.

Reading those posts years earlier, I saw those pictures of me without hijab and I felt ashamed of myself. Well, I'm wearing hijab when I'm outside, but why the heck am I posted pictures of me naked without my hijab on?? So I've decided to delete those posts, yeah I've already deleted them. I cannot imagine the sins I've made showing my hair to public out there. I was so stupid at that time though. Sigh.

Along with that, I also have already removed the posts about the pasts. About all memories that I've cherish when I'm at Alamanda, together with the buddies. The memories that making me hurt by just recalling them again. Not that hurt in hatred, it's just that I will feel kinda sad thinking of those years back. How we used to be together and now, we're just complete strangers. It's sad, so I've decided not to remember the past and try to move forward and move on. Well' I've moved on but seeing those pictures, it reminds me of those moments. I really shouldn't be talking about the past now, I know.

The pictures of me without hijab in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social network websites, I've already removed them too. I'm afraid what future might holds. So it is better to take precaution steps before it actually happens.

So this is what I wanna post at the moment. Nothing much to share, just a remind for myself to not let sins burden me. I will posts my times when I'm in Melang finishing up my last semester. Will do, just stay tune.


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