Monday, October 17, 2011

Things have been bothered me now. You know those feelings when you get neglected by others and those situations when people get the wrong idea about your sincere actions? Yeah, I'm in one of those phenomena now. It even bothers me when I don't even get the chance to explain myself. True, I may be harsh. But it is true too that people aren't listening well to what I'm trying to say.

You see, I have sarcastic words with me. I complete my sentences with nasty words sometimes. But if you give it a chance to try and understand those words, I'm pretty sure that those paragraphs ain't that bad. They were advises instead. Don't get twisted by the word itself, explore the meaning behind those alphabets. Get it?

I'm sick and tired of seeing things that I do not need to see. It's complex somehow, you get to be good to those who you talk bad behind their back. And I know the truth, and maybe you didn't even remember about this. But it's keeling me so watching you laughs with them, the person you shitting on to. Don't you feel tired?

True, people will only noticed your sadness by seeing their tears and whatsoever. But have you guys think that those people who do not usually get the chance to show their sadnesses, are even more sad than the person who keep on spilling their tears to whoever they want to. It's tiring. It really is tiring.

I will just see how things are going. Besides, I do not care about this anymore. My respects and trusts are gone when I'm talking about this, or that or even more accurate, about you.

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