Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm feeling these worst things again. I'm kinda have mood swing this week. I feel kinda lost this time. Sometimes moody and gloomy. I talk nonsense i do nonsense. Forgive me Tasha for that 'F' sign i gave to you this afternoon. I panicked. I overreacted. I'm tired. I'm sorry.

I keep on thinking of home. I saw that one person that i can't forget almost couple of times this week alone. I cannot bear looking into her eyes nor at the back of her body. I'm afraid if i'll bump into her. I'm scared i might tear up. I want to go home.

I miss semester 4. Filled with happiness and full with laughter. Less drama. This in semester 5, it's full of drama and shitty-ness! My performance in study also not very good. I only got 14 in Economy Quiz while everybody else got it for 17s and ups. I'm scared.

I may look good from the outside. I may smiles and laughs all the time. But it is the only way i could forget things that bothers me. Smile is the only way to make me ignore my bloody-worst-feelings i had.

Nak balik rumah. Rindu mak. Rindu ayah. Rindu kakak. Rindu angah. Rindu rumah.

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