Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today, i cried. I miss home. I miss my mother. I miss my father. I miss my family. Seriously. I want to go back, but i think i can't make it this week. But i miss home so much.

True, pictures can only catch smiles and happiness. They can't afford to catch sorrow and emptiness with them. I'm not in a bad mood now. I'm just misses my moments at home. My moments with family and cats.

Can i just ask my parents to show up here? I want to. But unfortunately, i can't. My father is quite busy this weekend. I should know that since he mentioned it to me earlier. That phone call that makes me drop my tears. I'm not crying because i'm sad. I'm crying because i misses them so much.

Here in Pilah, it's chaotic since now there's a game between Malaysia vs Taiwan tonight. I love football. I do. But this heart makes me feel empty towards that particular sports.

Heart, please be strong. Next week you can go back home. Live, laugh and prays to Allah so that everything will be okay ;)

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