Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tutti Frutti
Baskin Robins

You pay for RM5++ for a small cup of yogurt. You pay RM10++ for other cup of ice cream. And even another RM10++ for a cup of coffee? Uh, hello! Is that even make any sense? I can get all three of 'em in just RM6. No, in fact in RM4.50 to be fair!

You are willing to spent a lot just for a bunch of deserts? Is that even make sense? Seriously, our Malaysians nowadays are having brain complex. How can you you spent such a big cost on some candies? Don't you think your money should be spent wisely since we've come across financial problems now? Don't you guys even bother?

Funny how they display pictures of themselves having deserts and candies on Facebook or whatsoever, showing that they can afford expensive craps like that. Don't they think that they are only spending on the branding itself? Too complex. They get used by marketing planning. I feel sorry for them.

Spend wisely guys. The future aren't yet clear for costly budget. You might fall for all of your choices.

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