Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's pitch dark.
The world moves on too fast.
I’m the only one who’s limping on both legs.
The path I must walk is endless.
What’s at the end of this path?
Are you going there knowing about it?
Will I learn the answers if I go there with my eyes closed?
The sky that never responds to a such question.
The two arms tied up by a daily life is too heavy to embrace dreams.
I'm scared, I've been abandoned locked away.
Just for today run somewhere like your crazy.

My life is a rainy night that rains 365 days.
Heart that gets smaller in every 24 hours.
I even hid the small comma and its tail,
then the future that awaits me becomes a period.
But carry the new day on your shoulder and run.
What am I running towards?
Weather if the sun’s setting or I if I’m loosing.
I don’t know.
But I go.
Keep on runnin' high.
I'm the young star that has been abandoned by the galaxy.

Run till you can touch the sky with your hands.
Run till your heart is filled with your dreams.

No matter how much I run, I’m still on the same spot.

Everybody run away.
No matter how much I run, I can’t escape from it.
If I look back while running, you’re still there.

You got me runnin' around.

For you, who’s running endlessly.

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